2 мар. 2011 г.

v/a - Back To The SpaceSYNTH (SpaceAnthony Megamix)

BACK TO THE SPACESYNTH (Special edition Synth Megamix)
Compiled and Mixed by SpaceAnthony
Format: CD Megamix
MP3 quality: 128 kbps.
Total Time: 28:32
Released: Feb. 2011


-MARCEL DE VAN - Back To The Space Part II
-ITALO4EVER - Distant Galaxy
-MAGIC STUDIO - Out Of The Blue
-SPACEBIRDS - Space Runaway
-NEON - Computer
-THE STARFORCE - Saviours In The Sky
-ERNESTO - Demo Track 2010
-GALAXY HUNTER - Antimatter
-WOJTEKOPOLE - Space Patrol
-STUDIO 86 - Call Me Tonight
-MARCEL DE VAN - Back To The Space
-MULTI KOZMOS - Vaillant Galaxy
-BERK VAN OZDEN - Stargate


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