30 сент. 2021 г.

Desafio de neon


We are pleased to announce that a new single from Spacebirds, ‘‘ Desafio de neon ’,

has arrived on all major streaming services and digital stores today! These are three

dreamy, almost chill-like tracks inspired by 80s cinematography, italo disco era and

nostalgia for neon youth.

You shoot me neon challenge. And I accept it.
After all, this is a magical journey into the past,
in the days when we were young and full of hope.
This is a wonderful time of our neon youth. 
We hope you enjoy this release. We love you!






Label: Laser Visa

Catalog: LV035

UPC: 608539757282

Time: 12:43

Music and Old Man Voice by Evgeny V. Kharitonov / Spacebirds (c) 2021

Artwork By Alim Velitov (c) 2021


1. Desafio De Neon (Old Man Speech. Introduction) (1:12) | ISRC QZNJW2103743

2. Desafio De Neon (6:04) | ISRC QZNJW2103744

3. Neon Jellyfish (5:31) | ISRC QZNJW2103745

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